How to: Relax

Across the internet many people are opening up about their emotions, whether they suffer with anxiety, depression, anger issues or they just get a bit fed up now and again. I am the type of person who's emotions change all the time, I can become very stressed, sad or angry in a matter of seconds and I hate it! Luckily for me I'm aware of different things I can do to help me relax and get out of my bad mood and I'd like to share some of them with you.

Breathing Exercises
Everyone knows breathing helps you to calm down and focus. If you just pause and take a few deep breathes you should feel more relaxed instantly. Ideally you should get comfy and close your eyes to put yourself in the zone, but if you're out somewhere or at work then that may not be ideal!

Fresh Air
Getting fresh air can really help you calm down, whether you stick your head out of a window or go for a walk. When you find yourself feeling stressed or anxious the best thing to do is get outside and just take a few breaths so you can start to relax. Long walks are the best way to get you back in your comfort zone.

Stick your headphones in and zone into your own world, or put the radio on full and have a sing along. Who says you can't have fun and enjoy yourself when you want to relax? Listening to your favourite songs can help you get out of a bad mood in a matter of minutes, music distracts you especially if it's music that triggers happy memories. Try making a playlist on your iPod of your favourite songs so you're able to play it whenever you're mood isn't its best.

I don't mean go make yourself a spaghetti bolognese, just have something sugary to boost your energy levels or you could just have a chewing gum as just chewing can help reduce anxiety levels. There are a lot of food items that are known to reduce anxiety and stress levels such as mango, chocolate and honey!

Talk To Someone
Sometimes the best way to calm down and get in a better mood is to talk to someone, whether it's your best friend or a doctor. If there's someone you're close to who knows how you suffer with stress/anxiety/anger/etc. then talk to them, if you can't go see them just phone them. Even telling someone who understands to f-off could even help.

Be Alone
If you can't stand the thought of talking to someone or even being around people, go find a space where you can be on your own. If you can get outside then do, if not then find a light room, a room with windows is a good idea as it'll help you feel like you have more space and you're not trapped, then you can get fresh air and day dream with all the space you need. Sometimes all you need to do is get away from everyone and everything.

I love to write down how I'm feeling, whether it's a list, a diary entry or a brainstorm, sometimes writing down your feelings on paper is just what you need, especially if you don't want to talk to someone. You don't even have to write down what's wrong, it can just be a bunch of swear words or scribbles, as long as it feels like it helps.

Make Yourself Laugh
This might sound like a stupid tip, but laughing is the key to getting yourself out of feeling negative. Pull some funny faces in a mirror, watch cat videos, look at silly pages on Facebook, whatever makes you laugh go and do it.

Next time you're in a situation where you feel like crap, you're stressed, you want to get out then remember some of these tips and give them a try. They won't necessarily all help, but I hope at least one does.


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