My Favourite Brushes

Over Christmas I received a lot of make-up brushes including my first MAC brush and they're making my Ikea Skurar candle holder a little cramped.

A lot of bloggers seem to be posting their favourite brushes so I've taken a chunk of inspiration and put together a few of my favourite brushes:

H&M Eyeshadow Brush 
I grabbed this before reaching the checkout just because it looked nice and I needed a half-decent eye-shadow brush. I didn't expect a lot due to the price but after using this brush constantly I actually find it does a great job. It's easy to hold, the bristles don't fall out, the brush picks up and considerate amount of shadow and of course, it's cheap!

Eyeshadow Brush
I received this brush in a set many years ago but it was only until a few months ago I began using it frequently. It's a double ended brush and I use one end for eyebrows. It's slightly angled which makes it great for use with my HD Brows palette!

MAC 115 Blusher Brush
I received this over Christmas even though I hadn't even mentioned it and what can I say? It's fantastic. I don't need to explain how amazing it is because I'm sure you're all aware.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.
I've used this brush for so long now I don't know what I'd do without it. I use it to apply my foundation and the thought of using any other brushes is terrifying, I've even tried replacing it with their buffing brush but it's a no can do!

EcoTools Bronzer Brush
I recently bought this as I needed a bronzing brush desperately yet no-where had any in stock. I finally got my hands on this bad boy and it does the job just how I want it to the only thing I dislike is the bulkiness.

Real Techniques Powder Brush
Last but not least is my powder brush, it's the second Real Techniques brush in my favourites which isn't too bad. I find it best to tickle my boyfriend's nephew in the face with though.

What is your favourite make-up brush?


Comments are always read and appreciated!