28 February 2014

February Snaps

Last month I did "January Snaps" which is basically a collage of some of my Instagram snaps and a little monthly summary.

Firstly, I'm quite proud of myself this month regarding Instagram as I've been taking more photos specifically to do with my blog posts and I've been taken a lot less selfies! 
February has been a very random month for me, I've been focusing a lot on my blog and I even created a YouTube video (here) I've also been decorating my room, me and my boyfriend had our first Valentines together, my dad turned a year older, my brother was Christened and I said goodbye to a family friend. 
 I just hope March brings more happiness and fun.

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  1. Your photos are so cute! I've been obsessed with instagram and I post so much coz it's fun!
    I subscribed to your YouTube channel, could you check mine out and follow back if you like? :) xx



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