DIY: Decorative Letters

Decorative letters are very high trend but of course they come with a high price tag. I'm going to show you how to create your own collage styled letter without spending too many pennies. 

4You will need:Papier Mache letter(s) You can find some here or at mosts arts and crafts stores, I've purchased a smaller letter.
It's a good idea to use PVA glue but any art glues will suffice.
Old Magazine(s) Any magazines will do, I've chosen Company magazines as they have a non-glossy texture.

Step One
This is the easy bit, just tear up pieces from magazines, different colours, patterns, pictures or even text.

Step Two
This is when you start glueing the pieces onto your lettering. Over lap different pieces to create a good effect and save your favourite pieces until last to make sure they show. It's a good idea to do this step on a surface that you're able to get glue on.

Step Three
Neaten it up by trimming or sticking down loose edges. You can also layer glue over the stuck down pieces to create a glossy finish.

Step Four
Leave the lettering to dry, avoid touching it and fiddling as the paper will be prone to crumble when it's wet. Once it's dry go ahead and display it!

Let me know if you're going to be trying this, if you do tweet me your pictures at @UploadJess


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