Brother's Christening

On Sunday I had a very different day out as it was my little brother's Christening! It took place in St Mary's at West Moors in Bournemouth and was followed by a pub lunch, yummy.

I'm not a religious person, so to be in a church and listen to a man I've never met go on for ages about the story behind Baptism etc. and having to a read out prayers and so on was actually uncomfortable and weird for me, especially as I've never been Christened myself. However, it was lovely to see so many of my family members and family friends and luckily my boyfriend was able to attend with me who hadn't met any of these family members before.. I definitely shoved him in the deep end!

I didn't get a chance take nice pictures until after the service had ended which was disappointing, especially as the pictures I did take were awful! One picture I forgot to take was of the outfit I was wearing, it's rare for me to try and dress up so I'm naughty for not taking a selfie!

Sorry for a bit of a boring post, but I love posting any pictures I've taken from days out whether they're amazing or not!


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