Beauty Buys

I popped into town a couple of days ago and I bought a few things fashion and beauty related that I needed wanted so today I have decided to share with you the few beauty items I ended up bringing home. I've even included some small reviews just for you!

Maybelline BabySkin Primer
This has been one of the most spoke about products in the Blogging industry and I've finally jumped on the band wagon and bought it, I even got my mum to purchase it! 

Short review.
I've tried this and I have to say it's lovely. I love the fact it's silicone as it glides over the skin and builds up a great layer to then place make-up over. It's moisturising, invisible and non-greasy! I wasn't impressed at the size of the bottle though.

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
Similar to the primer, I've joined in and bought this product after hearing about it over and over again. The main reason I bought this was due to the buy one get one half price offer! I have only just realised though that I bought the normal version rather than the waterproof version which isn't good news for me!

Short Review.
So far so good! It does extend the lashes, it dries quickly, the brush is easy to use and glides through each lash ensuring they're covered in an equal amount. I'm not sure if it'll take over my current daily but only time will tell.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
I've done it again, I've become a copycat and bought another product a lot of people are going mad about! I adore my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation but I am struggling with it during the colder seasons as it's not very suitable. Match Perfection is the only Rimmel liquid foundation I haven't used excluding their new Stay Matte mouse. It wasn't till I purchased this that my mum even said she used to use it and it's one of her favourite drugstore foundations!

Small review.
I'm going to have to do a proper review on this foundation as I love it so much. It's replaced Wake Me Up without a doubt until the warmer seasons come! I find I don't need to use a lot to get a good coverage, it matches my skin tone easily, it's not oily and is just fantastic.

BeautyUK Liquid Eye Liner
I have always hated liquid eye liners so you may wonder why I've bought one. Well I've noticed liquid and pencil eye liners can be used for a great look and as I used to wear pencil eye liner 24/7 I thought I should step out of my comfort zone and buy a liquid eye liner. I decided to buy a cheap eye liner just so I could test out whether I suited it, but I made sure the brush was half-decent and I found the bottle easy to hold. 

If you follow me on Instagram or you've seen my January Snaps post you may have noticed I was sporting a winged eye liner look, so I'd say I really like the idea of wearing liquid eye liner, yay for trying new things!

Small review.
Price is great, the bottle is easy to hold, the colour comes out well off the brush, the brush isn't too stiff but not too flexible which I prefer but the biggest issue which I expected it due to the price is how long it lasts and how easy it wears off. The eye liner seems to literally peel off which is a big no no for the long run!

Fashion Nails
£1 from Primark.
Last but not least it's something very different, false nails! I haven't worn false nails for a very long time, in fact due to my job I wasn't even allowed to paint my nails but now I can which makes me feel ever so more girly. I spotted these ombre nails for just £1 in Primark and I couldn't resist. They might be cheap and might not last a while but I'll wear them when I go out one night to give my look a little jazz as I have really short nails due to biting and I'm rubbish at painting them anyway!

I hope you enjoyed this post, keep an eye out for reviews on some of these products, tell me what reviews you'd like first?


Comments are always read and appreciated!