Rimmel Addiction

 Drugstore make-up is cheap to buy, easy to find and can be really great, but I love one drugstore brand more than the rest.

Rimmel has been the brand I've used for many years now and if I'm honest, I blame my mother! I'm probably not the only one who adores this brand as they have a massive collection that you can find not only in drugstores but also supermarkets and everything is reasonably priced yet great quality.

In the skin range, I own three foundations, my current daily Wake Me Up and my old dailies Stay Matte and Lasting Finish . I own two Hide The Blemish concealers as they were an old daily and even now they're great for redness. I also came across my Match Perfection bronzer which I never use due to the excessive shimmer, along with this I found my Clear Complexion powder which is an old favourite but has been replaced by the Stay Matte powder. The last product regarding the skin is the Fix And Perfect primer which I am addicted to by itself!

Eye wise now, there's three foundations, my daily Scandal'Eyes Waterproof, the Scandal'Eyes flex which is still in the packaging and Glam Eyes which it's a rather nice black mascara. I own one eye-shadow palette which is the Glam-Eyes HD and I haven't even opened yet as I received it for Christmas. Lastly regarding eyes is their Soft Khol pencil eye-liner which is one my favourite pencil liners.

With lip products there isn't a lot as I've only recently got into lipsticks and such. If you've read the small haul post last October you'll know my first lip purchases were in fact the Kate Moss Lipstick in the shade Rosetto as well as Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Tint in shade Carry On Cherry, I was given my second 1000 Kisses Lip Tint in shade Nothing But Nude that I can't wait to try out.

Last but not least is my nail varnishes, as seen in the picture below I own 11 Lasting Finish colours, one Salon Pro and one Lasting Finish Pro colour. Although 13 nail polishes from one brand may not be a lot to many people, it is for me considering I paint my nails only a few times in a year!
I love their Lasting Finish varnishes as they're easy to apply, quick drying, they come in a range of colours and of course they're cheap! I purchased the Salon Pro varnish to give it a try and honestly I hated it, it was quite watery and the brush was horrible where as the Lasting Finish Pro I received over Christmas is my favourite, I've used it once and I'm in love! The brush is perfect as it doesn't pick up an excessive amount of liquid and glides over the nail like a good polish should. A definite recommendation.

I know this post is a little different, but I hope you've enjoyed seeing into my make-up collection a little.

Do you like Rimmel? Are you addicted to a certain brand?


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