13 January 2014

Review: Powder Trip by Soap And Glory

I love Soap and Glory so much so when I went shopping with my mum prior Christmas I persuaded her to gift me this. It's been named Powder Trip and is one of the many Soap and Glory Christmas gift sets in Boots, it includes blusher, bronzer and powder. It was £20 but in the Christmas sales it's currently £10 which is a bargain. You can find it here.

Glow All Out
Love At First Blush
Solar Powder

This is the Soap and Glory "Glow All Out" which is their luminizing face powder. It's not a normal face powder, instead you're meant to use it with your blusher or even instead of a blusher.

I'm not a fan of the colour on my skin so I tend to avoid using this, but the quality is great. It's easy to apply and isn't dusty which means no fall out.

Soap and Glory's "Love At First Blush" is a blusher compact I've been interested in for a long while yet never got around to buying. It's a five shade wheel of prettiness.

I don't own any blushers so this is great for me. As you can see from the picture it varies from a darker slightly red pink right through to white, with each colour shimmery. I tend to brush over the whole wheel to create a shimmery rosy glow, but if you're clever enough you can focus on and blend certain colours to make it darker or lighter.

On to my favourite part of the set. Soap and Glory's "Solar Powder" which is a fabulous bronzer. When new it has a pink shimmer on the "S&G" symbol which I'm not fond of  but otherwise it's amazing.

I own this in the separate compact and I cannot get enough of it. I love how it's two different shades so you can blend them together to make it darker or lighter to suit you.  

The set also includes a small brush which is good if you don't own appropriate brushes to use or you need a smaller one to carry around with though I have lost mine and if I'm honest I am not missing it!

In my opinion it's one of those cheap excuses of a brush that comes with make-up just to make you think "Oh look it has a brush how handy" when really if you use it the amount of colour it picks up on it's plastic bristles is ridiculous.

I have to say I love the entire thing though excluding the brush. The mirror is massive so no complaints there. I personally think this set is perfect for travelling, if you're going away it's so much easier to take something like this with you then a bunch of separate compacts. I would recommend buying this to anyone! Great quality for a great price.

What do you think about this.. yay or nay?



  1. This was a really great post Jessica. It sounds like a really nice palette, it's so fab that it contains such a great selection of powders and blushers. The' Love At First Blush' is my favourite :)x

    The Belle Narrative

    1. Thankyou :) I'm starting to love the blush a lot the more I use it x


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