New Things..

Firstly, a massive thank you to all of my new followers.. whether it's on here, Blogluvin, Google+ or anywhere else. It means a lot to know there's people out there who want to know when I have new posts and all that.

The big thing is I've had a bit of fun with changing my blog around, if you follow me or regularly see my blog, you may have noticed this. I've taken inspiration from so many blogs on what looks great.

 I'd like to thank this girl for providing the social media icons for free, she does them in a bunch of different colours available to download with no hidden costs. I'd like to thank my wonderful boyfriend for helping me with the coding nonsense and research. I'd like to thank for existing too!

One of the most important things about a blog is to make it look attractive and I think I've finally achieved that. 

Let me know in the comments if you think my blog could do with any tweaks, I love feedback!


Comments are always read and appreciated!