Naked 2 - Worth The Fuss?

Naked 2 Palette Review
Naked 2 Palette Review

The Urban Decay Naked franchise is something that we've all heard about and something we're also very interested in. I have lusted over the franchise more and more recently which is why Naked 1 and 2 were on the top of my wishlist for Christmas and after everyone telling me I wasn't receiving them, I was gifted Naked 2! (Sneaky people.)

There are so many reviews out there about each individual palette so I thought I'd talk more about whether the most talked about eye shadows are all that worth it when they're worth around £37 each or even around £20 for the basics palette.

Naked 2 Palette Review

With a glance I find both Naked 1 and 2 palettes extremely similar with most of their colours, yet when you really go into it, they're quite different. As always there is 12 colours included:
Foxy- A simple matte nude colour.
Half Baked- Gorgeous metallic gold (Included in the first Naked)
Booty Call- Shimmery champagne like colour.
Chopper- This is a pretty copper colour.
Tease- The second matte in the palette, a darker red/brown shade.
Snake Bite- A metallic shade quite like a dark gold.
Suspect- Another metallic shade, a very light gold colour.
Pistol- Again a metallic shade this time it's a grey/dark silver.
Verve- A simple silver colour.
YDK- A lovely bronze.
Busted- A plum brown metallic shade.
Blackout- Lastly a matte black shade which is the main reason I love this palette.

Naked 2 Palette Review

The brush that's included with the palette isn't my favourite, I use it purely for the ease as I keep it in the tin. One end is a simple flat brush for shading and the other end is for blending and creases.

So the question was, is it worth the fuss? I say yes. It's hard to find sets of shades whether in a small or big palette that are so similar yet so different. You can rarely find the metallic colours that are included in this palette anywhere else especially as a set let alone the matte colours.

If it wasn't worth the fuss, it wouldn't be so popular, it's just a shame the price is so high I may have to save some pennies so I own all the franchise!

Do you own any of the Naked franchise?


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