18 January 2014

High Street Wishlist

So Christmas seems long gone and I received a lot of presents I was after which is fantastic... but now the shops have new stock and I'm going mad wanting all these fantastic things when I have no money.

1- Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hair Spray.
You can find this here at boots for £21.50.
I have been using a sample of this for months and it's finally running out. I try to use it every time I wash my hair because it makes such a difference. Bumble and Bumble have been doing very well with their franchise and this will always be a product I'd like to repurchase, unfortunately my local Boots hasn't had it in stock.

2- Brown Floral Watch.
You can find this here at Miss Selfridge for £16.50.
I love classic pretty watches like this. I need a new watch for work and I think this would be perfect!  I love the classic floral pattern they've used for the clock face it makes it look so cute.

3- Tan Slouch Bag.
You can find this bag here at River Island for £25.00.
I have been after a tan coloured bag for a while now and due to the fact I'm so picky with bags I've found it impossible to come across one I like. When I spotted this online I was instantly attracted, so hopefully they have it in store!

4- August Classic Chelsea Boots.
You can find these here at Tophop for £45.00.
I'm a bit late with the Chelsea Boot trend, but I really want a pair. These ones are currently in the sale which makes me want them even more. Topshop shoes tend to always be great quality and long lasting which is what I need from a pair of boots!

5- Close To You Massage Bar.
You can find this here from Lush for  £5.50.
I have recently got back into Lush products and admittedly I want 90% of the shop. With Valentines on it's way they've brought out a few special products including this gorgeous massage bar. It contains vanilla which is a winner for me, I'm not sure if I'll actually use it though.

6-  Maybelline Baby Skin Primer.
You can find this here from Boots for £7.99.
This is one of the most spoke about and reviewed products out there right now. It's being compared to Benefit's Porefessional Primer which I also want, though Maybelline's product a lot cheaper. I love the idea of a primer that actually hides your pores and considering it's under £10 for a relatively large tube it sounds so worth it let alone all the positive reviews there are regarding it.

Why not keep an eye out on my Instagram or Twitter to see if I purchase any of these items!

What are your wants and wishes for 2014 whether it be beauty, fashion or anything else?



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  2. Love the design of that watch! x



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