09 January 2014

Review: HD Brows Foxy Palette

HD Brows are known to create the most loved eyebrow palettes in the beauty industry but at nearly £20 they are a little pricey. Luckily for me I received mine in the Glamour Beauty Box which you'd know about if you've seen my latest post.

I own the Foxy palette which seems to be towards brunettes. You can tell by the picture below I use the bottom left shade as it suits my natural colour the most. The colours are very easy to apply, they don't dust or smudge and you only need a little bit of a colour to achieve a minimal effect or more for the opposite.

Many people do not realise that this palette also doubles for eye-shadows which is great if you're going on holiday and need a basic palette for both brows and eyes.

Have you got one of the HD palettes, if so are you a lover? Or are you someone who's lusting after one?


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  1. I love that they can be used as eye shadows as well... I mean, those shades won't work for everyones brows, so the multi-use side of it is awesome.


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