Happy New Year!

My own photo, wahay!
I cannot believe it's 2014 already! The year 2013 went so quick and I personally feel like I found myself in those 12 months. I thought I'd do a little post to summarise how my year went.

My biggest achievement in 2013 was finishing college. I studied childcare and was close to quitting so many times, I went in a downward spiral and I honestly thought I'd never complete the course, so when I did with a grade C I was over the moon!

Something I'm glad I did would definitely be focusing on photography. At the beginning of the year I had a new camera with no clue how it worked but as the year went on I know more about the camera than I knew existed. I went to so many places just so I could take pictures and I've had so much fun, hopefully I'll be exploring more this year!

My best memory seems to be my 18th birthday. That's a big milestone and it's great knowing I'm classed as an adult. I had such a lovely time going out, meeting new people and having my first legal drink.

Something I learnt was to do what I want and be more confident. I'm not sure if this is down to my boyfriend or not, but he has increased my confidence a lot and it's made me a different person.

My biggest regret is quitting college A-levels. I am terrible for just giving up if something's not quite right. I quit A-levels before I'd even started and right now, I'm thinking that was such a dumb decision, it left me in a crap position and I didn't know what to do with myself.

The biggest change was moving house. This has been a topic I've mentioned frequently in blog posts as it's really thrown me. I lived in the same house since I was a toddler, so I'd never known anywhere different. When my Mum tells me she's selling the house and we're moving to a different town let alone area then I wasn't too thrilled... now I'd say I'm happy with her decision, it may have not of been the best from my point of view, but I haven't seen her filled with positivity as much as she has been lately and it's all because we have a new home.

Important memories would definitely include me getting into a relationship, my little brother talking and growing, making new friends and making this blog!

I hope you all have enjoyed 2013 and have plenty of happy memories. Let's hope you make many more.


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