Review: Accessorize Masquerade Palette

This is Accessorize's Masquerade Palette, a gift I received at Christmas that you can find for just under £9. It includes a bronzer, powder, three blushers and sixteen eye shadows! I already purchase their Exposed palette which I reviewed last October so what does this one have in store?

The best thing about buying anything from the Accessorize franchise is you know it's going to pretty. Each of their palettes are uniquely designed so you can't help but want them.

The bronzer looks nice but honestly it's a lot darker on the skin than you'd believe. When I first used this it was so dark on my pale skin even though I only applied the tiniest amount.

The powder is also a lot darker than it seems, I expected it to pale on the skin but instead it was quite yellow and again dark for my skin.

You get a trio of blushers each different shades and unlike the bronzer and powder, the colours are how they look in the palette. I use the bottom shade the most as it's a lovely pale pink that when applied creates a rosy shimmer on the cheek.

With 16 eye shadows there is a lot of variety. A lot of the colours are very "out there" for myself so I won't be dipping into them but the metallic shades and the neutral shades are my cup of tea. I love the grey included in this palette as it's good to alternate from black. If I do ever need vibrant eye make up though, I know which palette to use!

Away from the colours the eye shadows are not matte instead they are quite dusty but I would expect that considering the price.

I find this palette good for the price and definitely a great buy for those starting off in make up as there's a lot to explore with. It's also one of those palettes you're able to take away with you so you don't have to carry around different products!

Are you a fan of Accessorize make up?


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