Christmas Gift Wrap

It is one week until Christmas and I've decided to challenge myself into posting as many festive blog posts in these seven days as I can! I must be mad.. It's mainly due to the fact I've been on a Blog break and have been surrounded with problems and my head is full of blogging ideas, so I'm starting here.. a post dedicated to the way I've wrapped my presents this year!

I've always focused on wrapping presents the same way as my Mum, including the same paper, same ribbons, same everything! I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone and be an adult and if this means wrapping my own presents with my own paper and accessories then I shall make the most of it!

I've used brown kraft paper for most of the presents and then ventured into using stamps, stickers, bows, ribbons and more to make it look special. Every present I've wrapped looks completely different which is what I love!

As shown in the above picture, I've used an adorable postcard on one of the wrapped gifts to my boyfriend which says "I know we sometimes drive each other crazy... but you are the best thing in my world and I love you" (Soppy.. shh!) I decided to attach this using the rope which accounts for me using a label. I think this is such a good idea as it's a lot more personal and is great on the gifts that are that little bit more special. It's also a good idea for the fact that you can write whatever you like on it whether it's a personal paragraph or a simple Merry Christmas :)

It's easy to match colours with the brown paper but I had an idea to cover a normal tag with the spare paper I had lying around. I then used stamps to write "Happy Christmas" and voilĂ ! If I thought of this idea sooner I would of bought crafty bits to stick on the tags making them less basic. I like how you could easily do this with any wrapping paper if you haven't got the right colours or pattern to match.

I hope this has given you some ideas for wrapping presents this year! Check my blog tomorrow to see if I've done another festive post!

Brown Kraft Paper - Paperchase
Rope -Paperchase 
Grey Bow/Ribbon - Wilkinsons
Blue Ribbon - Sainsbury's
Merry Christmas Tag - Sainsbury's


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