12 December 2013

Christmas Countdown

It's actually difficult to make blog posts on your phone. Anyway, hi! It's been a long while since I've posts anything after announcing my blogger break. Now here I am writing a post on my phone telling you how life is a disaster and my plans for Christmas blogging is ruined! :(

If you've read some of my posts before you'll be aware that I've just moved into a house that's currently being renovated and well, it's not going to plan. I'm meant to be having a glorious room for Christmas and instead I have to wait till next year. 

I hoped to decorate my new room with festive cheer but it's clear that doesn't work to well when I only have a bed and two bedside tables to cover in candles and glorius things.  I planned to create a Christmas room type video for YouTube and I'm really upset I'm unable to do that now but there's always next year.

I actually had so many festive ideas for blogging and starting on YouTube and I do hope to be posting more but once again I am without wifi!  Hence writing on my phone.. Help me?! Things really aren't working out.

Thought I'd add a couple of this months christmas snapshots so my ramblings aren't so long.

I'm counting down the days till Christmas in the hope that at least part of the house will be finished! 

Happy December.


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