19 December 2013

Christmas Candles

I think it's safe to say winter is the perfect time to purchase candles, there's a lot of unique smells around that you don't tend to experience throughout the other seasons and this is why I'm focusing on candles during my winter blogging.

I have recently bought three Christmas candles and there were plenty more I'd love to take to the tills but apparently I "didn't need them all" and I had "already brought loads" Pfttt.. men, what do they know?! I don't feel it's fair that I was only allowed to buy three when I'm one of the fussiest people when it comes to what candles smell like, when I find a scent I love I should be able to purchase it no matter what!

Left- This candle was bought from Sainsbury's and has the gorgeous  scent of Frankincense and Myrrh which I'd never smelt before. I'm not the biggest fan of candles that aren't in a tin or pot of some sort but I had to make an exception and I ended up finding a mirrored beaded coaster type item from Haskins which ends up perfect to sit the candle on.

Right- This is one of my favourite scents, Plum and Orchid! I found this in Next and it was in fact the first festive candle I bought. I can't put into words how much I love the smell it's just perfection.

Middle- This candle was bought from Sainsbury's and I'm not sure if it has a scent, but look at the tin.. you can't resist!

This candle was definitely a good buy purely because of the print on the tin, what could be more festive about a candle than it having snowflakes, let it snow and Merry Christmas all around it? I don't burn this a lot as it's only tiny resulting in there being a limited amount of wax although I will attempt to use it as a tin for a tea light. Definitely going to have this in my room every Christmas!


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