21 December 2013

Best Christmas Buy

Third day of  winter blogging and I'd thought I'd let you into my bedroom (bare in mind it's not decorated) and show you the the Christmas decor but I haven't had the time to take pictures of everything nor write a fantastic post, so I thought I'd show you this:

This is one of the most cutest little trinkets I have ever seen. I found this in a shop called Tiger for just £1!

Tiger is a lovely shop with the cheapest high quality products I've found, there seems to be shops dotted around England as well as places across Europe and further, but I've never heard of it before until I came across it in Whitley Village. 

You can find the online site here:

It's a tree covered in red hearts, I currently have it on my window sill to add a little colour. It's not very practical for fitting things on, but I'm sure I'll find something! I couldn't resist this and I would definitely suggest finding a Tiger store or looking online as they have the cutest Christmas decorations!


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