A Little Something

I know I've already wrote a post today, but I've been a little emotional and I feel like expressing it via well... this.

I watched this video today by Sprinkleofglitter, and well I burst into tears, then I watched this video which she linked and you guessed it.. I burst into tears again.

Christmas is looked to be one of the most happiest times of the year, yet we never think of the negativity that actually surrounds it. "Spending time with family" they say, but what if you lost someone on or around that day? What if you had no family? It's sad enough that people have to die and leave loved ones behind let alone when that happens over what's supposed to be the greatest season.

I'm lucky to still have my family around me, I've only lost my Grandad and that was many years ago in the summer and I was so young it was never seen as a big deal to me so I cannot imagine the pain when you are surrounded by festivity and joy the same time as losing someone. The same goes for those who don't have family, are homeless, are in foster care etc. I just can't imagine spending Christmas without my family.

Basically I've had a deep day thinking about these things and I give all my support to those struggling at Christmas time, you should be able to enjoy yourself with your loved ones, not be grieving. Obviously there are other difficulties that can ruin Christmas but I may focus on that another time.

If you are spending your grieving, missing someone, lonely or generally down than I give you all my best wishes and love. No one deserves it.

Have a great Christmas no matter who you do or don't spend it with.


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