These Boots Are Made For Walking

Hello pretties,
I don't often purchase shoes, I'm quite happy with a couple of pairs of Vans and ankle boots but I went on a little shopping trip with my Mum and she dragged me into Next and I laid my eyes upon these boots:

I've always been a fan of these style of boots, I used to have a simple cheaper black pair from H&M last year and I ruined them inside and out from wearing them 24/7 so I tried these boots on and I fell in love all over again. They're called Black Zip Work Boots and they cost £68 which I was a bit stunned at because I don't like spending lots of money on one item but luckily for me, my Mum treated me to them! You have to love Mummy treats.

The boots are very clever as they look like simple lace ups, yet they have a zip on the side making it so easy to take them on and off, they're also short enough to show the top of your socks off which is great when you own ones with frills or bows and when winter comes you can easily under the lace a bit and wear a thicker sock underneath to keep your tootsies even warmer. They're leather which makes them very hard wearing so I won't be ruining them like my old ones.

Strangely, my favourite thing about them is the brown section on the back. I love this detail as it gives the boots a bit of colour to break up all the black and it also means I can  wear a brown bag and it'll all match!

I could not help myself write a post about these as I loved them so much and because winter is round the corner and the weather is going topsy turvy it's important to have appropriate shoe wear and these are perfect. They're thick, waterproof and still lightweight on your feet. What really made me write this post is the fact I like how they look in the pictures, I haven't actually edited them either?!

What will I write about next?!


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