DIY: Photography Scrapbook

Hello darlings,
I am very into photography and have been since I was a lot younger. I've never taken any courses or had any lessons meaning everything I know I have taught myself and I'm still learning.

Photography isn't just about grabbing a good camera, taking a few pictures of a sunset and thinking "oh look at me I'm a photographer" It's so much more complex than many people realise! Even if you have the best camera around, your pictures could still be awful compared to a photographer who's studied for years.

This is why my favourite way of learning about photography is by reading a lot of photography magazines. I love how informative they can be as they give you specific advice, tips, hints and demonstrations for you to explore with. They're also great because you can find them so cheap, and people even sell bundles of them online for pounds! The only bad side with magazines is about a quarter of it is full of things you don't necessarily care about or need to know which gave me the idea to create a scrapbook using pages out of the magazines I've collected.

Firstly I gathered every photography magazine I have (most of them were DigitalSLRPhotography), a Pritt Stick, scissors and a new empty notebook I bought from Sainsbury's.
I searched through every magazine finding all the photo tutorials for me to try out, all the advice ranging from exposure to focus, all the little tips for how different photographic situations and more. I simply cut everything out and stuck it in the notebook, I decided to keep all the photo demonstrations/tutorials at the back and everything else at the front.

I'm so happy I've done this as I can now get rid of the magazines I don't want anymore and just use this notepad in the future. It'll be great if I ever decide to do photography at college or university as I'll have some basic knowledge in my hands.

If you like this idea but you're not into photography/have photography magazines you could make a scrapbook based on magazines you do have such as fashion or cooking.



Comments are always read and appreciated!