Phone Cases

Hello darlings!
Yep, I'm writing a post about phone cases, why? Because I bought a new one and I can't help but want to buy more. I bought this beautiful yet simple phone case from River Island. It's a Skinnydip Black Diamante Case that costs £8. It's available for iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5 and you can also purchase it in red! I first saw this case online yet I've been struggling to find it in a store but lucky me finally found it and I quickly bought it.

I've had an iPhone for quite a few months now and you can't help but want to buy 118384 cases for it, the first case I purchased was a floral design off Amazon and unfortunately it peeled and ended up snapping so much I chucked it away. I then bought a vintage telephone design for £2 from Wilkonson's which was a bargain for how pretty it was.

My boyfriend spent approximately £40 on a phone case just because it was off a site that prints the picture on and it had to be shipped from America, the case may look good but was it worth the cost when it's just a piece of pretty plastic?

Most phone cases aren't even built to protect your phone anymore so is the risk of your phone being damaged worth it looking cool?