19 November 2013

On Pause

For those who have noticed, I haven't posted for over a week now and I've decided to hold back on posting for a little while longer and I have so many reasons for this....

I've been offered a new full time job!
My home is being renovated.
I'm hardly home.
I'm busy Christmas shopping.

I'd also like to focus on reaching out to more viewers and to do this I would like to finally start a Youtube channel but I've been waiting for my room to be decorated and this won't be happening for a month or more.

I'm going to be doing posts 100% around Christmas, and maybe sooner so don't worry I won't be gone forever.

Feel free to follow me on here or on bloglovin so you'll see when I've got a new post!


1 comment

  1. wow . i love your blog soo much your posts are soo good i wish my blog everweird.blogspot.com was as good as yours would you all check it out to tell me how i could improve?


I read all the comments, they mean a lot! x

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