05 November 2013

Review: Clean Start

Hello pretties,
When it comes to beauty and health products for the body and face that aren't make up, I get a bit addicted, I love buying different products whether it's because I've heard good things about it or just because it looks nice. One brand of products I have been loving this year is the Clean Start range by Dermalogica. This range has recently changed it's name and it's now called "Clear Start" and their products have different names meaning I'll write in their new names with their old ones!

I started using this product range when I had free samples in a teen magazine, I instantly fell in love and because of this, I ordered their Clean Start Kit which included:
Wash Off (Foaming Wash)
This is basically a wash for your face and any breakout area, I was never convinced by this meaning I stopped using it. I don't believe there are many products you just lather on and wash off make much of a difference, it's just a better soap. The fact I still have the bottle shows I haven't been using it.
All Over Clear (Mist All Over Toner)
I like to use this a lot, I honestly have no idea if this makes a difference but when you're wearing no make up it's great to just spray on so it soaks into your skin. I expected it to make my skin look greasy or wet but as it soaks in you can't even tell you sprayed it. I actually forgot I had this product, and considering I wear make up 90% of the time I can't really use it hence I still have the bottle!
Bedtime For Breakouts (Overnight Treatment)
I think this product is a good idea as it's a lot easier to put on a product before bed so it's able to soak in whilst you sleep. I'm not overly convinced this does a big difference, but it does contribute to better skin.
Welcome Matte (Matte Moisturiser- Maybe)
This was probably my favourite in the kit, I'm not sure why I've never bought a bigger bottle considering I ran out. It's just a moisturiser you put on in the morning that tones down any redness and clears away oil. I used to love using this when I had bad breakouts to help calm them down but I'm not sure what it's called now, oh dear.
Ready, Set, Scrub! (Clearing Cooling Masque- No longer in the kit)
Now I love face masks and face scrubs so I liked this before I even used it and when I did use it, I loved it so much I had to buy a bigger bottle because I ran out. It's like a scrub but you leave it on your face for about 10 minutes then rinse it off. You can notice the difference with this product after a few days of use so imagine what it's like after a week?

With the ready, set, scrub! I was given the above samples, I've already tried the bedtime for breakouts before so I have three new samples to try out and I'll make sure to let you know what they're like!

I really reccomend in investing in some of their products, remember different products make a change to different skin types, so just because one product isn't my cup of tea, doesn't mean it isn't yours!

You can find all their products here! But there are some other sites that sell the same range for a little less money.



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