30 October 2013

Hair Accessories I'm Loving

There are so many things you can do with your hair it can seem a little mental sometimes. I used to be obsessed with pretty bows and Alice bands but now I tend to shove it in a top knot or just add some sea salt spray and leave it down but things may be changing. After browsing online and visiting a few shops I discovered a few pretty accessories.

Velvet Bunny Ear Scrunchie - £4.00 - Topshop
I spotted the scrunchie in the Topshop and I thought it was a really cute idea and reminded me of cheerleaders. After finding them online I found they had a lot of different colours and patterns including tiger print?! This is great for high ponytails or if you're feeling clever you could use it for a bun.

Dark Red Flower Garland Bun Top - £5.00 - River Island
Flower garlands have been trending for a while now and SprinkleOfGlitter mentioned in one of her videos about bun tops and not long after watching the video I found this bun top! I find it so pretty and great to cover up an awful messy bun and can help you hide any strays hairs which is great if you have short layers.

Pearl Embellished Bow Hair Band - £3.99 -  New Look
I spotted this in shop and instantly fell in love as I love bows especially on hair bands. I use hair bands a lot and these give make them look a lot prettier. I like to style bow hair bands on a top knot/messy bun so they're facing the front to make it look a little more jazzy.

Floral and Pink Hair Scrunchies - £2.99 - New Look
I found these beauties online but there are so may colours and patterns it was hard to choose which ones to include on this post! Scrunchies seem to be a new trend for hair and I'm not complaining. When they have different patterns and colours on, who wouldn't love them? Much better than using a boring hair band.

Cream Sleek Hair Bow -£2.99 - New Look
How pretty is this? I found this online and I love love love it! I would probably try styling it when I'm wearing a bun/top knot so it's at the front like I would with a bow hair band or I'd use it as a clip (I'm guessing it's a clip) for when I section parts of my hair off to the back.

I hope you've enjoyed me sharing my current loves in the hair accessories world and I've noticed they are all very girly.. oops?


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