22 October 2013

H&M Haul

Hello pretties,
I have always loved H&M and I decided to go in there just to get a pair of leggings, but I came out with a little more than just that.. oops?

I went slightly overboard and bought a lot of stuff, most of it being black!

Polka Dot Mesh Dress £14.99 - I find it difficult to find dresses for my shape and size to go out in but I love this as it's loose and not too short, I can get away with wearing it with or without tights too.

Mickey Mouse Loose Vest £3 (Sale Item) - I love Mickey Mouse clothing so I instantly loved this and at £3 it was a bargain! It's great to style with leggings and a sweatshirt or dress up with a skirt and tights.

Leggings £7.99 - These are my all time favourite leggings, I've been buying these for years! They're the ones above the thinner ones H&M do so these aren't see through and they're not too thick, I think they're great for the price and good to stock up on for winter especially as I live in leggings.

Leggings/Treggings £9.99 - I spotted these and got a bit confused but I realised they were really thick, I can't find them online but they are just very thick leggings, not sure if they're treggings as they have a strong seams on the side. Must have for the cold months.

Star Print Long Hooded Jacket £10 (Sale) - I wanted this jacket a long time ago but doubted whether to buy it and lucky for me it went into the sale a few weeks later meaning it was a must have. It's so baggy and great to wear with plain tops and even better to layer up. The colour is a bit strange as it's an off black and I've noticed it's quite purple in the light but I don't care!

Wet Wipes 99p - I'm a lover for little pretty packets of tissues and wet wipes and I saw the packet by the tills and quickly grabbed them. I find myself needing wet wipes a lot as I eat a lot and I just love making a mess. For 99p you can't go wrong really.

Silver Rings £3.99 - I have been struggling to find silver jewellery so I just bought these with an urge. They're really nice to wear on separate fingers as they're all different sizes making them all that little bit different.

Sorry that most of the products weren't linked but they weren't on H&M's website!
More hauls soon!


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  1. I love anything Disney, so I definitely would have gone for the Mickey shirt as well :)



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