Brother's Birthday Buys

Ooh look at that, an overly edited title picture, fancy!

Hello readers! This is a rather different post than any before and it's all to show you the presents I've bought for my brothers 3rd birthday which was yesterday! It's sort of a little baby haul if you like.

I absolutely adore looking at children's clothes and toys let alone buying stuff for them which makes my brother's birthday so much fun. I actually haven't had a lot of money to spend this year nor much time to go to places and these items were all bought in two different supermarkets, cheap aye!

Animal Chocolate Bars - £1.00 Asda.
Dinosaur 3 Birthday Card - £1.99 - Sainsbury's
Fun To Learn Favourites Children's Magazine - £2.99 - Sainsbury's
Play-Doh Tube - £4.99 (Approx) - Sainsbury's
Disney Cars Drifters - £1.99 -Sainsbury's
Disney Planes Stickers - 50p - Sainsbury's
Car Hero Hoodie- £7.50 - Sainsbury's
Car Long Sleeved Tee - £2.50 - Asda
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book - £4.50 - Sainsbury's
Dear Zoo Book - £4.00 - Sainsbury's

I'm not one for buying young children lots of toys because they never play with them all and they always end up with loads of the same things so I try to vary what I buy to what they need and what they'd actually use and learn from (probably because I studied Childcare ha!) Buying clothes for children is so hard when they're not your child as you never know if it'll be too big, too small, if their parents will like it, if they already have it etc. why are things so tricky?!

I really enjoyed writing up this post and I'll probably do more like this when it's Christmas so keep your eyes out. Many of you wouldn't of had a clue I had a baby brother, so there's a little snippet of information for you to do what you like with :)



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