Autumn Photography

Autumn is a wonderful time to venture outside with a camera and go photo crazy.. the colours of leaves are changing, different animals are coming out to play, new plants and flowers are appearing, it's just a beautiful season. I've seen a lot of autumn pictures in magazines and online and I decided to venture to the New Forest and for those of you who haven't heard of the New Forest it's a national park in the south of England full of woodland, tiny villages and lots of cows and horses, it's a lovely place to go. I took so many pictures in a forest enclosure that I found away from all the animals and cars, it was so peaceful and I have so much fun and these are some of the pictures I've ended up with:

After finishing up in the enclosure and heading back to the car, I had a spur of the moment urge to visit Christchurch which is a gorgeous small town between New Forest and Bournemouth. I've been wanting to go to Christchurch with my camera for a while so it made sense to go. I was surprised at what I found when I arrived as there's a river walk which takes you to the old mill and then back round past the chapel, gardens and castle ruins.

I had a lovely day and I think I came out with a variety of pictures, I love seeing the difference between pictures I've taken at different times! If you love photography or just enjoy it now and again I really suggest getting out into woodland or even your back garden, you never know what creative eye you may have!


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