Hello there!

This is a little different blog post to the ones I've been doing. It's a bit more personal and a bit more serious. I've been unable to blog recently for different reasons that I'm about to go into. If you don't want to read about my current boring life dilemmas then I suggest you go look at a different post.

I'm meant to be moving house at the moment and that's been causing a lot of stress and right now I've had to stay at my boyfriends for a while as me and my mum have had the biggest row meaning I've basically been kicked out. This has left me feeling very down and all topsy turvy meaning I can't quite focus on things. 

The main issue is that due to staying at my boyfriends I don't have my camera :( I am hoping to get it soon, but till then there won't be any blog posts but I promise there will be sooooo many when I have the chance.

I've also decided I won't be going to college this year, I was meant to start four A-Level subjects in the beginning of September but I really despise the thought of going to college and instead I'm looking for a full time job to then further on to university next year.

I'm not one to give up, I just do what I want to do and if I don't want to do something I'll move on to something I prefer and feel is better.

Anyway, I have lots of posts lined up for when I get my camera so have a little patience.

See you soon.



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