12 September 2013

Review: Accessorize Exposed Palette

Hello darlings!
I have been after an eye palette recently after realising the one I had was actually rubbish so I ventured into Superdrug and my eyes were attracted to the gorgeous Accessorize stand which is where I spotted their four different palettes, I decided to purchase Exposed as the colours are a mixture of metallics, neutrals and darker shades making it more suitable for how I like to do my eye make up. Superdrug currently have it for just £6.95 which I think is a bargain because the palette has a total of 32 colours and it's rather pretty.

The eye shadows are all very different, some are not too great to use as they're very pale on the skin and hardly noticeable for myself, where as the shimmery and metallic colours are very noticeable along with the darker matte shades. I would suggest to be careful with the darker/matte colours as with most palettes the shadows are quite soft and go on the brush in a large amount so it may be a good idea to dab on your hand before applying.

I can't really say a bad word about this product, I've used it a lot already and you could do a variety of looks whether you're going shopping or out for the night! It's great for the price and considering it can be found in drug stores as well as the Accessorize shop it's a good buy for those who can't quite stretch to high end palettes. It's such a lightweight palette too it's easy to carry around and a great idea to take away with you as part of your travel make up rather than taking 20 different eye shadows. Of course you can't miss the beautiful cover design and pink ribbon ensuring it stays shut.

Sorry I haven't done any swatches! More reviews soon!

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