Tips On How To Live With No WiFi

Hellooo! It's my second night in my new home and as you guessed from the title, there's no wifi here!

I'm an internet addict and I am struggling  so much without wifi because it means I can't do cool things on my laptop and that just makes me sad. On the positive side I've been exploring things I can do without wifi. If you ever have the unfortunate circumstance of no wifi or you want a break from your computer then here's some ideas:

Organise your belongings/room. 
Yes this is tedious but you will feel so much better and you may find items you forgot about like an old book you want to read or a top you love to wear.

Get creative.
Whether it's filling in a colouring book, writing a story, making a collage or just doing some doodles. It really helps time go by and you can let yourself have fun without it mattering.

Plan your future.
Not necessarily plan your entire life but plan your upcoming week or month. Make a bucket list, plan what posts you're going write on your blog, write up things you must do, plan what YouTube videos you want to upload or just plan what homework you have to do. It will help you be more organised making you feel much better.

Now this is a tricky one especially if you're an addict. Even if you're going to sit in the lounge for two hours with your parents, it's worth it. Socialising offline gets you doing something different and can help make others feel better too. So go ring that friend or see your grandparents!

Reading is an easy way to pass time, you could read a magazine, school book or even a novel it's up to you.

Try something new.
This could be trying something you've just bought or trying something you've had for a while or never used. Experiment with things whether it's a moisturiser or a pair of shoe.

Remember you don't need the internet to have fun and try not to be an addict. Get some fresh air and enjoy yourself as much as you can.



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