26 September 2013

Review: Killer Queen

Hello there beauties!
You may or may or may not be aware that I love Katy Perry and the fabulous woman she is released her third perfume in August. I of course made it a priority to purchase her perfume "Killer Queen" and this blog post is quite simply a review.

Firstly I have to speak about the bottle itself as it's in the shape of a large red ruby which is beautiful. The gold plastic top on the perfume bottle tends to seem a little tacky which seems to lets the design down slightly, although when you look closely the lid has indentations of "Killer Queen" and "Katy Perry"aswell as "KP" and a cat duo- cute! I do have to fault the lovely bottle design as you can't stand it up unless it's propped up which from a personal view is irritating and because of this I have to keep it in the box but thankfully the box design does make up for it with the use of royal colours and embellishment  There are a variety of scents in the perfume including notes of red velvet flower, wild berry, liquid praline and rainbow plumeria which I think works well as it's not overly sweet or sickly.

I'm not a big fan of perfumes and I've always stuck to my bottle of Christina Aguilera Signature but that has definitely changed since Katy's made her third perfume release. I'm yet to try her first two perfumes in comparison but Killer Queen is one of a kind.


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