A day at Longleat

Hello darlings. It's been so long since my last post as I've been here there and everywhere I don't get many chances to sit on my laptop anymore. One of the more exciting adventures I've been on is a trip to Longleat. 

Longleat is an gorgeous English stately home surrounded in acres of land that was turned into a safari park. You're able to drive through different enclosures and see hundreds of different animals as well as parking up and exploring the grounds. I've visited Longleat quite a few years ago and since then they've added a lot more so why not go again?

Below are a variety of snapshots I caught of some of the animals I came close to:

As you can see they really have everything there. I do have pictures of the gardens and more but I shall keep them for another day.

I really recommend this place as you don't even have to go see the animals, you can just go and have a picnic on the grounds or look around the house for a reasonable price. It's great for children and great for adults too ;)



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