A trip to Weymouth.

Yesterday I went to Weymouth which is a little town on the Dorset coast not very far from where I live. I've been there so many times as a child and I've always loved how very British it is there so it's only natural I wanted to take my boyfriend there so well.. I did.
After driving there and nearly getting lost we did a small bit of shopping and I purchased new shoes, yay! We then went to Starbucks for the first time ever and I had my first raspberry and blackcurrant blended juice which was yummy, following that we ventured towards the sea front and sat on the promenade which is where we spotted a tower that looked like some sort of attraction/ride so of course we decided we wanted to see what it was and of course see if we could go on it. We found out the tower's called "Weymouth's Sea Life Tower" and it's placed on the end of Weymouth's festival pier, it's about 53ft tall and gives you a 360° view of well, everything around you, it was pretty cool as you could see all along the coast both sides and further. After we got off the tower the rain started pouring- woo English weather so we decided to get some chips, because you have to when you're by the sea?! After our healthy lunch we decided to head back home. I had a really lovely day and I'm planning to go again on fireworks night :)



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