16 August 2016

Guest Post: How To Detoxify Your Summer Routine

With the summer at our fingertips, it is safe to say we’re in for one overwhelmingly hot and dry bronze run. While it’s absolutely understood you’ve been taking care of your skin throughout the year and that you’ll continue doing so during summer, we wanted to give you a few insights and tips on some fresh ways to upgrade your summer beauty routine for the healthiest bronze results. Who wants to get stuck with the already chewed-out advice like “use sunscreen”, right? Of course you’ll be using sunscreen, duh!

With the natural wave getting pretty out there, we have brainstormed through some of the best natural ways to get our skin protected yet give it the proper summer boost it craves for.
Here’s what we’ve got for you.

Keep your pout moisturized

The sun’s rays are drying on the delicate lip tissue which may cause very uncomfortable burns. Plus, no one likes the sight of a chipped lip, right? Another thing us ladies don’t like about it is how much the chipped areas tend to hurt (not to mention the difficulties of applying lipstick evenly)! To avoid the lip drama, make sure you use a richly textured lip balm with an SPF 15 (at least) and whenever outdoors – reapply regularly. Make it a habit, especially when you are at the beach, tanning.

Cool your face and body off

When you’re going for long walks during the day, you’ll catch the midnight sun which may leave you with burns and brown freckles. We know you’ll be using sunscreen for protection but what you should also start using is a potion in your own making – make ice tea with chamomile or any other tea you like, freeze it (no sugar or anything) and then bring it out with you when you’re going for a walk. Spray it on your face and chest (and other uncovered areas) from time to time, to keep the skin moist. You can also spritz it on the scalp if you aren’t wearing a hat. If you don’t want to make your own, buy an already finished product like The African Red Tea Face Mist – we know Charlize Theron and Renee Zellweger love it.

Use just natural products

Normally, we’d tell you to avoid all sorts of makeup or beauty products during the summer and let the skin breathe; however, we very well know you’ll have events and clubbing and what-nots, so you’ll want to look nourished and pretty. Thankfully, we’ve got brands that create products with all natural ingredients that aren’t damaging for the skin at all. We love Thalgo cosmetics which is inspired by thalassotherapy, spa treatments that use real seawater and seaweed to effectively treat a range of conditions from skin problems, and plus – it feels so amazingly light when applied. So, if you already have to use cosmetics, use the right one!

Enjoy your red wine

Are you wondering what’s red wine got to do with beauty routines? Well, it appears – a lot! At least the summer ones… While you might first reach for a glass of white to refresh you, it’s established that the resveratrol, a naturally occurring phenol found in the skin of red grapes, can actually aid in treating acute sunburns due to having an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. Well, if that’s not a good reason to reach for another bottle, we don’t know what is…

Melon your summer up 

Cantaloupe and watermelon should be your melons of choice if you want to have a healthy, glowing skin. Both fruits are rich in antioxidants and deliver a unique hydration to the skin. Celebrities Katy Perry, Jessica Alba and Katherine Heigl love their summer melon facials during hot summer days, so – if you feel like going down that path, why not! You certainly can’t go wrong, right?

As for the rest – large brim hats, sunscreen, avoiding the sun at noon, staying in the shade of palm trees, showering after every sea-dip… ah, you know the drill.

Zara Lewis is a designer and a regular contributor to, devoted to implementing healthy life habits in every aspect of life of her family and friends. She seeks for beauty in everything that surrounds her. Romantic soul and tech geek in one body. She enjoys hiking, cycling, yoga and cooking.

12 August 2016

Guest Post: 10 Flattering Evening Dresses You Need to Get Your Hands On

For most of us, the warmer seasons are a time when weddings, parties and other social events fill up our calendars and bring with them some unforgettable nights. Summer is the time to put our phones away and socialize more in real life, to witness those around us getting married and to play with fashion in the best possible way by wearing beautiful evening dresses.
Turn heads this season and steal the show by donning show stopping evening dresses that will make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you are a strapless kind of girl or a floral loving one, here are ten flattering evening dresses you need to get your hands on now.

Aqua High/Low ball gown
Image credit: Bloomingdales

This high/low Aqua ball gown is such a unique dress. Its simple top part contrasted with the draped pink skirt will make you stand out in the most beautiful way.

Maya Petite all over mesh maxi dress
Image credit: ASOS
This Balmain-like piece brings the drama with its elaborate beading and long sleeves. Perfect for those chilly summer nights, this evening dress is the best one if you want to show off your legs.

Countercheck dress
Image credit: Ginger & Smart
When bold patterns and geometrics are what you love, then this dress by Ginger & Smart is the one to choose. With its wrap feature tied around the waist, this dress is super flattering for so many body shapes

Decode 1.8 beaded cross gown
Image credit: Bloomingdales
When you want to rock a cotton candy hue, this beaded cross gown by Decode 1.8 in this sweet looking pink will make you look like summer.

BCBGMAXAZRIA color block gown
Image credit: Bloomingdales
With its crop top like feature and its minimalist tones, this dress by BCBGMAXAZRIA is ostensibly simple but show stopping nevertheless with its plunging neckline.
Emamò Floral and butterfly-print silk maxi dress
Image credit: Matches Fashion

This fun and flirty dress by Emamò, with its floral features and butterflies, is the evening dress to twirl all night in when dancing under the summer sky.

Decode 1.8 Cutout Waist Paneled Gown

Image credit: Bloomingdales
Elegant, timeless but with a strategic cutout to show off those abs, this paneled gown will help you channel sophisticated vibes.

TFNC WEDDING Embellished Pleated Maxi Dress
Image credit: Asos
This beautiful number by TFNC wedding is the most flattering of them all thanks to its strategic pleats placed right down the middle of the dress.

Aqua lace gown
Image credit: Bloomingdales
When you want to look like a timeless goddess, then this lace gown by Aqua will help you do that. With its cutouts, lace features and that black, you are sure to look sexy but truly elegant.

JS Collections Rosette gown
Image credit: Bloomingdales

One thing is for sure about this number — you don’t see a dress like this every day. This Rosette gown by JS Collections is the ultimate show stopper with its cotton candy hue and that rose featured skirt which will make you look angelic.


11 August 2016

Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

Since Boots introduced large, wonderful NYX Cosmetics stands into their stores I have become pretty consistent in purchasing their products, it all started with this haul. My NYX collection is definitely growing and as you can see from this post it includes a few of their much loved Soft Matte Lip Creams.

The first shade I purchased was Cannes (19), a gorgeous nude mauve shade that is wearable with any make up look, night or day. I later picked up two different shades, San Paulo (8) a gorgeous deep pink -red and Instanbul (06), the perfect pretty pink, so overall I have three very different colours each perfect for different looks and as the shade range is soooo huge I am finding it hard to resist picking up every single one.

After using Cannes for the first time I was definitely impressed, it applies smoothly and sets to matte quite quickly but still feels soft and moisturising on the lips, even when building up the coats - which to be honest isn't really needed as the pigmentation is fantastic. I do worry that matte products will dry out your lips and even start to crack but these product don't do that at all, they are the perfect mix between a gloss and a lipstick. These creams are a lot better than I expected for the fantastic £5.50 price tag, they last a good amount of hours and are just perfect in every sense.. I just need more.

Have you tried any of these NYX lip creams?


05 July 2016

A Fresh Start

I know that I want to write a post to talk to you about where I have been during June because I clearly haven't touched my blog, or my YouTube channel and I definitely haven't had the usual passion for my social media accounts. The only way I can describe how I have felt over the last few weeks is that I have been in my own little bubble and I didn't want it popped.

I never thought I would be saying these words but I am single. I have broken up with my boyfriend of three years and to be honest I could not be happier. I shall not go into on here as it's not the time nor the place, it's been a difficult week filled with awkward moments and terrible conversations but I honestly know it is for the best and the place I am in right now is a good one.

I have entered July ready to battle the world. I want to take my blog and channel seriously, have that passion for it that I used to. I want to pass my driving test at the end of the month and be able to start making decisions that will alter my future for the better.  I am turning 21 and I know I need to start growing up and deciding what is best for me rather than revolving my life around other people.

So that's a little update. Bring on July.

27 May 2016

A Little NYX Haul

I popped into Boots to get a new foundation and in the corner of my eye I spotted a brand new NYX stand and just like that my boyfriend lost me. I was surrounded by Boots colleagues as well as customers who all seemed as eager as myself to try out some of the products NYX had to offer and I really didn't know where to start. I have always been interested in the brand but as it's only started to make its way online for UK buyers in recent times I just haven't got round to it, I just hate the idea of picking makeup shades and products online for them to arrive and leave me disappointed.

In my head I wanted their Highlight and Contour Pro Palette because it looked so perfect online, but in the flesh my opinion completely changed as the palette shades were just far too dark, there was no way a pale girl like me could pull of any of the bottom contour shades no matter how much blending went on. I still wanted a cream contour product so picked up the Wonder Stick Highlight & Contour in the shade Light, it's a double sided pen like product with a light and dark shade, easy to draw on your face in all the right places and blend in with a beauty blender, brush or even your fingers as it's a cream product.

I then visited the other side of the stand and had a quick browse at their eye products with my interest following their brow section where I grabbed a popular Tinted Brow Mascara in the shade Brunette. This is a product I was close to purchasing off Selfridges in the hope to tame my brows.

When it came to the lip products I didn't know where to begin because there are so many! I could of easily bought a lot but told myself to behave and be sensible - whatever that is. I picked up a Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade SMLC 19 Cannes, a nude pink that looks like the perfect go to shade. I also picked up a Butter Gloss in the shade BLG 15 Angel Food Cake which is pretty similar to Cannes but more pinked toned. The third lip product I purchased was a Jumbo Lip Pencil in the shade 720 Honey Nectar as I was really intrigued by these jumbo pencils and this shade surprise surprise is a nude pink but is of course more sheer in comparison to the other two lip products.

The whole time I was purchasing these products I was telling myself it's for the blog, but now I want more products what excuse do I have? Sorry bank balance!

Have you tried anything from NYX?

14 May 2016

Pink Lips For Spring

Soap And Glory Sexy Motherpucker Lipstick in the shade Rosy Chic.
A gorgeous nude pink that is perfect for day to day wear. It is a matte shade but when applied on top of a good lip balm it isn't drying at all and has quite long wear.

A Topshop Lipstick in the shade Innocent.
My go to pink shade! It's a true pretty pink and though it doesn't last all day the colour pay off and moisturising properties make up for it.

A H&M Cream Lipstick in the shade Last Tango.
A deep pink to make things a little interesting. It's one that won't be disappearing off lips any time soon and is perfect for the evening.

Benefit Posietint Lip and Cheek Stain.
A good old stain from Benefit that is ideal to wear on the days you don't want to reapply lipstick. The colour can be worn lightly or it can be built up for an intense vibrant pink. It's also perfect for applying prior to lipstick to give you that extra colour longevity.

 What's your favourite pink lip product?


12 May 2016

Favourite Five: YouTubers

I was writing down post ideas and I realised it's been foreverrrrrrrr since I had written a 'favourite five' post?! I realised this opportunity had to be taken to share with you my current favourite YouTubers as the last time I spoke about who I was obsessed with watching was December 2014! I still love them all (especially Hannah Maggs i.e. The Michalaks because Gracie is adorable and Stef is the bees knees) but there's some new subscriptions in my box that need to be mentioned on here.

Sam Evans
This is the guy I have been desperate to write about. He takes YouTube videos to the next level, the filters, the music, the adventures, it's all there and it's all perfect. I feel like I'm stepping into paradise when I watch his 'adventure mode' videos and it has given me a massive urge to step up my editing game, buy a Go Pro, climb trees and head to Australia ASAP. Other than his brilliance of capturing and editing, he seems like a really down to earth guy that is so easy to listen to and follow along.

Mrs Meldrum
I am in love with this woman, her two gorgeous daughters and charming husband. I can't remember how I found her channel but I have really loved getting to know her family, her story and just following them all along especially as there's no fancy pants stuff it's just genuine family life and she even keeps the tantrums and tears in.

Emily Canham
I found Emily's vlog channel on my suggestions and decided to have a little nosey, I then fell in love with her personality she was so easy to watch and seemed so nice and genuine. She lives with her long term also YouTuber boyfriend Jake and I just can't stop watching her, she's so bubbly and sweet but seems happy enough to put her point across and be honest about things.

Lily Melrose
A proper sweetheart, came across her channel and just loved how she does a bit of everything and is a real typical beauty, lifestyle and fashion blogger/vlogger. She puts so much effort into her videos and I get a lot of inspiration from her!

Samantha Ravndahl
She is boss. Pretty sure she was in my favourite Instagram accounts or something but she is a queen of Instagram and her makeup is just flawless and even without makeup she is flawless and even her awkward vlogs are flawless. She screams sass but not in a mean girl way, I just need someone like her in my life.

Who are your favourite YouTubers?
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