26 April 2016

Review: Seventeen Define And Conquer Contour Palette

Contouring has become as common as applying mascara now days whether it's a subtle bit of bronzer on your cheekbones or giving Kim K a run for her money. Admittedly I have always been a lover of bronzer and over the past few months I've even gotten into highlighting but I have never really bothered with contouring properly, purely because I had no idea where I should begin. There are a lot of contouring products on the market, do I want a palette? cream? sticks? powder? it's all a bit confusing when all you know is you don't want to break the bank just to look like your an eight year old raiding your mum's cosmetic stash.

I have gone for a really simple option found in Boots, it's a small contour kit from that costs a bargain £5.99, it's by Seventeen and it's called the Define and Conquer Contour Kit which sounds like it should turn me into a powerful goddess. This palette comes in two shades, light and medium and it's a nice nifty black compact with a mirror inside as well as a little step by step on how to use it.

Inside the kit are two matte powders, a darker shade for defining and a lighter one for illuminating. I choose the shade light but I actually found the lighter shade was actually too dark for me to use to highlight, instead I've been it as more of a setting powder especially for under my eyes. I've found the second shade to be a little too dark, I always brush off quite a bit of excess but still get a really intense colour on the skin and it can take a lot of blending to even it out so I seem to have been using
it more as a bronzer rather than a contour.

It's definitely a good option for affordable contour kits for the beginner but be aware the shades aren't brilliant if you're pale. I have clearly been loving it though as I have used it daily to create a natural bronzed look, but I've also used it to create a more intense contour on a night out so it's safe to say it does the job. It's also perfect for travelling due to the compact packaging  which is an added bonus!

What's your favourite product to contour with?

24 April 2016

Video: The Cotswolds

It is Sunday and I of course have a new video to share with you and it's a montage filled vlog from my recent trip to The Cotswolds with my boyfriend. I did want to get this video edited and uploaded for last Sunday but as we came back Wednesday evening and I was pretty busy the rest of the week I didn't want to rush edit it so I waited until I had the time, motivation and felt inspired enough to start and I actually got it done pretty quickly.

Anyway I won't ramble on too much, but this video has made me very happy, although it's far from perfect it's definitely my favourite video so far and I really hope you enjoy watching it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

I will be writing a blog post about my Cotswold trip so keep your eyes peeled this week if you fancy seeing quite a few photos as well as hearing my thoughts on our hotel, the location and what we got up to!

12 April 2016

5 Things Non-Bloggers Should Know About Bloggers

This is a difficult post for me to intro, it's kind of based around the fact that many of my friends, family and colleagues know that I have a blog and a YouTube channel. I am very proud of what I do but some people like to make me feel stupid but the amount of questions I get asked shows the lack of understanding of what blogging is and what a blogger does so I couldn't help myself but try to write a post in the hopes of non-bloggers having a bigger idea of what it's all about.

Yes we can make money and get freebies but that really isn't what blogging is about, at least it shouldn't be for any genuine bloggers. There's quite a few ways bloggers can create an income and it's not easy to either. Also freebies are not exactly that, they get send to be reviewed or featured.

"How many followers have you got?" is one of the most annoying questions. There isn't one blogging following platform it is done over several platforms from Bloglovin to Instagram and although you can add them all up it doesn't really work like that. Also it can come across as being nosey because there's more important things than counting numbers.

It's just like any other job in the sense we have to spend a lot of time on it, we have goals and targets to reach and if we don't put the work in we don't get the results. We can still get taxed for our earnings and we even have laws to follow.

Social networking is more than just posting a picture of your cheeky Nandos. When you become a blogger and you're ready to start using social platforms to promote your site you have to become invested in them. You want to be able to share your day to day life but you also need to schedule a ton of tweets for the week, avoid posting any old thing to your now perfect Instagram theme and not to mention take perfect Pinterest pictures.

It really isn't easy even though it may seem it. You may think it's just writing a post, taking a picture and hitting publish when really that post needs to be well written, those pictures need to be perfect and even when you hit publish you need to do all the stuff that makes people read it.

What do you think?

10 April 2016

Video: Daily Makeup Routine

 I've been pretty eager to get a daily makeup look on my channel and I actually filmed one a few weeks ago but when it came to editing it I decided to bin it and start again so here we are with a freshly filmed makeup look for what I wear most days whether it's going to work or hitting the shops.

What's your daily makeup like?

08 April 2016

KIKO Milano Cosmetics Haul

KIKO Milano is a brand a lot of beauty bloggers rave about and when I went to Brighton quite a few months ago I eagerly headed into the store to try out a few bits. I was so shocked at the affordable price tags and picked up a few basic items that I strangely never posted about on here. Long story short though I fell in love with their smart lip pencils, and I wanted alllll the (nice) shades but with a £25 minimum spend online I really couldn't be bothered.

Good things come to those who wait is pretty appropriate now as I of course went to London recently meaning I could head into a KIKO Milano store and finally get round to purchasing a handful of products with no fuss, besides the fact it was crammed with people. 

Of course I went in there knowing I wanted the smart lip pencils but there wasn't a huge range of colours available. I ended up only choosing four:
708 Fuschia - There's not a lot to describe a fuchsia shade but it's perfect for spring.
707 Strawberry Red - A sweet pink toned red, the perfect day to day option.
709 Magenta - A deeper and darker pink shade that I am in love with.
701 Pearly Pink Peony - A pretty pleasant shade of pink that isn't usually a shade I'd go for but it's gorgeous.

I also picked up one smart eye pencil in the shade 802 Dark Amethyst which is a gorgeous deep purple-black shade that I am going to enjoy using for a smoky eye. 

Last minute I decided to purchase a lip gloss pencil as there was an offer for when you purchase six items you get the three cheapest for free and these pencils looked intriguing. I chose the shade 12 Wine Red which when worn or swatched is a lot more sheer and nude toned in comparison to the deep colour of the pencil.

I'm so excited to use each of these products, I've already used a few pencils and so far so good. I'm sure you'll be seeing more of these!

Have you tried anything from KIKO? What have you been loving? 


06 April 2016

Video: Lush Demo - Down The Rabbit Hole

If you've seen my Lush Bath Haul video you'll be aware I purchased a few Oxford Street exclusives including these funky bubble bar named Down The Rabbit Hole, it's vibrant and a completely different shape in comparison to their usual bubble bars and was a product I had to pick up even though I was keen on the scent. When it came to using it I decided to film it for another Lush demonstration video, but this time it's mid week and I'm hoping to do upload demos on a regular basis mid week so let me know if you like that idea!

Have you ever tried this bubble bar?


05 April 2016

Review: Boutique Quad 'In The Twinkling Of An Eye'

It feels like forever since I have written a review, quite odd considering reviews have always been a key topic on my blog. I actually feel a little lost in what to write right now, it's only the second sentence and I have pressed the backspace button far too many times so let's just jump right in.

Boutique is a brand you have probably never heard, it's the cosmetic brand by Sainsbury's that was introduced back in 2013 and is now available in stores all across the UK including the store I work at. I always browse the beauty isle looking at what's on offer and seeing if there's anything exciting to try, though I have never picked up anything from Boutique because let's be honest, a supermarket cosmetic doesn't scream 'try me'.

I have been on the hunt for brown toned eye shadows in a smaller palette to coincide with my Borjois brown colourband and that's when this Boutique Smokey Eye Quad named In The Twinkling Of An Eye caught my attention. There's a white shade perfect for highlighting, a pretty shimmery gold, a dark matte brown and a shimmery rust brown which is my favourite of the four.

It was the exact product I was after, the matte brown was perfect and the other three shades meant I could use the quad to create a simple golden brown smokey eye. It's lightweight and compact making it ideal for travel but doesn't feel like cheap plastic like you may expect, though I'm sure it wont take me long to break it as I seem to with every hinged makeup product I own - does anyone else have a problem with mysteriously breaking the lids of their makeup?

When I swatched the tester palette the colours felt rich and creamy, the pigmentation was really surprising and it was actually tricky to get the shadow of my fingers afterwards, showing me they were probably long wearing. With all these positives from swatching it I of course decided to purchase it and of course using it at home I was even more impressed.

 I've decided to include it in my day to day look this week to give it a true test of time and I'm sure if I am still impressed it will make it's way into my beauty favourites and I may even purchase some of their other makeup products. I am a little dissapointed at their online range though!

Have you ever tried Boutique makeup? 

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