02 February 2016

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skincare Saviours

Writing this post is a little more tricky than I anticipated, purely because skincare is a topic that rarely appears on my blog. I love cleansers and facemasks, but that's about it when it comes to the skin side of beauty, I do try a few new products but they always end up at the back of my drawer never used again. The Body Shop's Tea Tree Facial Wash was purchased quite a while ago and no surprise it was used a handful of times and went into hiding, until I had a little rummage and thought 'hang on, this did do an okay job let's use it everyday and see how I get on' and here we are, I'm writing a post about this product and two others from the same range, brilliant!

I purchased the Tea Tree Facial Wash such a long time ago I don't actually remember getting it, I never go into The Body Shop so it must of been a one off time to spare thing. Tea Tree has always been an ingredient that stands out to me in skincare as it is used to clear blemishes and that is exactly what I want in skincare. As I said before I didn't use it for long before it was stored away, but a few months ago I decided I wanted to look after my skin more otherwise it will never improve so I chose a few skincare products to start using regularly and one of them was the facial wash. I used it every morning and soon noticed an improvement, my skin was clearer, less blotchy and blemishes were becoming a less common sight. 

As the facial wash was working so well I decided to take a look at the rest of The Body's Shop Tea Tree range, it's safe to say they have a lot of options and I was a little stuck on what I wanted to use. I wanted something that could be used in a routine without replacing any of the products I already use so I opted for their Night Lotion. I had actually been after a product to use overnight to help improve my skin so this seemed perfect, you simply use a pump and massage into the skin, The morning after the first night of use I had noticed my skin was clearer than usual, I thought this might of been a fluke but it's had the same effect every time I use it and when I don't use it I notice the difference.

One product in the range that was right up my street was the Tea Tree Clay Facial Mask because like I said I love a facemask and I actually love using The Seaweed Clay Mask so it made sense to purchase the tea tree one, it was just impossible finding it as every store I visited didn't have it in stock. I finally got my hands on the mask and I was so excited to use it and like the other products it really helps with breakouts, there really is nothing like a good face mask.

I really want to purchase the entire range and I'm sure I will be adding more products to my collection soon as they clearly work well with my skin. It's so nice when you find products that do what they!

What skincare products are you loving right now?

30 January 2016

January Snaps

Throughout my time blogging there has been plenty of posts I've attempted to do on monthly basis but my Instagram snaps post is the only one that has truly lasted. I've just checked and this is my third year of doing a January snaps, how crazy is that?! Safe to say they have definitely improved over time, especially in comparison to my first ever snaps post.

January tends me to be a rollercoaster of a month, the new year means setting new goals, trying new things and often changing things. I didn't write my goals/resolutions on the blog this time round as I felt it was a little pointless, they're always similar to the year before and I didn't feel like I wanted to just repeat myself, I'd rather talk about my goals and achievements as they happen.

I started off the month with the focus of eating healthy, it's been a lot easier than I thought I just wish I wasn't a fussy eater. I won't go too much into it here as I will probably have a post going up.  In relation to goals I had my first driving lesson this month and even though I was extremely nervous about booking lessons I'm so pleased I went ahead and done it. I cannot wait to be able to drive myself everywhere and get some independence.

In regards to Instagram I have definitely been doing well, if you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I've started to theme my profile and I am very pleased with how it looks. It is hard work to keep the photos the same style so they all match but it is 100% worth it. On the blog front however I have definitely been slacking, I have found it really hard to write so hopefully that will sort itself out. I'm just not going to pressure myself with posting loads of content, after all quality over quantity.

I hope January has been a great month for you.

24 January 2016

Current Beauty Favourites #1

I have always enjoyed the idea of monthly favourites but no matter how hard I try I can never be consistent and do it every single month, so I've decided to make things easier on myself and throw monthly favourites out the window for good. Although 'current beauty favourites' is essentially the same it gives me more freedom, sometimes there will be old timers, products I've only used for a matter of days and of course I can post it whenever I choose.

Let's get started shall we? First up is the Benefit Boi-ing Concealer, this was included in one of their gift sets which I received a verrrry long time ago yet due the medium shade being no wear near my pale skin tone I avoided using it. One day I decided to try it out and I actually really like using the top lighter shade, it's a lot lighter on application that I assumed it would be as it's a more pink based concealer, making it's perfect for wearing underneath foundation and I actually enjoy using the darker shade for some light contouring. It's got a very creamy texture making it easy to blend in to the skin with buildable coverage, a little goes a long way.

Next is a quite a new favourite, the Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion. I adore the Body Shop's Tea Tree Facial Wash so I eager try something else from the same range - a night lotion is a product I've never used and is a sensible addition to my skincare routine so it was an obvious choice. I was pleasantly surprised when I first used this, it only takes two pumps and my face looks noticeably clearer in the morning.

Every beauty blogger seems to speak about Kiko's wonderful products so when I visited Brighton in November I couldn't resist and picked up a handful of products including a few metallic Kiko Smart Eye Pencils. I've been constantly using the taupe with hints of purple shade 803 on the lower lash line paired with my perfectly matching Topshop Mono in the shade Interstellar on the lid for a quick smoky shimmery look. I was a little doubtful due to the low price tag, but it's got great pigmentation, it's creamy and smooth to apply and happily stays put.

There is one reason to why I purchased this Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in the shade Rosewood, I am a Pretty Little Liars fan and so it was meant to be - though I'm pretty sure the lipstick has no association to PLL at all.  The lipstick has a nice creamy formula, seemingly quite moisturising but one application is still enough and I feel like it's my perfect nude.

I had to include the Real Techniques Angled Highlighter Brush in these favourites, though it's not sold separately but instead from their Deluxe Gift Set. I decided to try out the brush when I was using my Topshop Glow Highlighter in Polish to see if it would apply and blend how I wanted it to, safe to say I now use it every time and I'm sure it would work even better with a powdered highlighter too - recommendations please?!

I've been searching high and low but I cannot find out or remember where I got this Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner from, I assumed it was included in a beauty box but who knows?! This lovely liner is in the shade Black Amethyst, not quite black but only just purple making it perfect for the lower lash line. I like to use a blending brush to smudge it out and then accompany it with any dark shadows I can find, I've really enjoyed wearing this as defines my eyes and manages to stay put all day.

Lastly is the ever so pretty Balmi Cube Lip Balm in Roseberry, I have been using this on a daily basis and it's safe to say my lips are lovely and soft. I used this for my makeup look in my recent post 'No Time For Fuss' as it's needed in this cold weather and is ideal for throwing in your handbag. I also can't help including it in Instagram photos as it's so pretty.

What beauty products are you loving right now?


19 January 2016

Makeup Look: No Time For Fuss

I get really bothered when I have to put on makeup just for the needs of a few hours, but unfortunately for me this is happening a lot lately as I'm doing silly four hour evening shifts at work. It really makes me wish I was the type of girl who would go to work with a bare face, but as I'm not I have had to just make do, cutting down my usual makeup routine to a quicker no fuss one that still makes me look like me.

To start with I went straight to foundation, I use my trusty Rimmel Match Perfection mixing two shades together to match my skintone, blended in with my favourite Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I then went onto using Maybelline Fit Me concealer, gives great coverage for hiding those imperfections and is quick and easy to blend in with my fingers.

After the base is done I like to go onto sorting out my eyebrows, picking up my Anastasia Brow Duo Powder and Anastasia Duo Brow Brush, this is probably the decider of whether the makeup look is going to be quick or not!

The easiest part of this look is the eyes as I use the Bourjois Colorband in the shade Brun on the lower lash line and all over the lid blending in with the finger, building it up for a darker colour if wanted. To finish off the eyes I use my trusty Urban Decay Perversion mascara.

Then it's on to the quick and easy finishing touches, using my Real Techniques Powder Brush with the Rimmel Stay Matte powder to stop and prevent shine. Then it's about adding colour and doing a bit of contouring with Soap and Glory Solar Powder and the Real Techniques Cheek Brush out of their Nic's Picks set. To keep this a no fuss look I finish off with my favourite gold Balmi Cube, much needed in this cold weather to prevent chapped lips.

Do you have a speedy makeup routine?

12 January 2016

Ted Baker 10 Carat Kiss Gift Set

This Ted Baker gift set has been sat on my dressing table since Christmas day as I refused to take it out of the packaging due it's prettiness, but the time has now come for the products to be removed from the floral octagon - of which my Mum quickly expressed her happiness about. I really wanted the Ted Baker foldable compact mirror from Boots for Christmas and I was so sure my Mum purchased it for me, instead I unwrapped this and was pleasantly surprised. It's called the 10 Carat Kiss set as it includes two lipglosses, a lip/cheek tint as well as a pretty little mirror.

I don't own many lipglosses so I'm excited to try these, one swatch and the pigmentation was fantastic. I'm definitely looking forward to trying the tint, though the shade may be a little dark to use on my cheeks it is perfect the lips. I definitely want more Ted Baker gift sets in the future!

Have you tried any Ted Baker makeup? 

08 January 2016

Guest Post: 3 Ideal Interview Outfits

Job interviews are nerve-wrecking. It is a time when you must show the best version of yourself and prove you are the right person for the job in a limited amount of time when your nerves are working against you, your voice may crack and your mind tends to go blank.

There are things in job interviews you cannot control like the kind of questions you will be asked or how many people will be interviewing you. There are other things, however, that you can control, such as knowing the history of the workplace, being polite and professional, and looking like you belong in the company through your outfit.

When you are putting together your interview look, you should dress for that job and then take it up a notch. It is always better to be overdressed rather than underdressed when going to job interviews but that doesn't mean you should go for the overdone black suit and white shirt.

Interview outfit. Image
There are many ways you can look incredibly stylish but still remain professional and below are three ideal interview outfits that exude elegance and professionalism.

Pair a dress with a suit jacket
Full suits have been done forever, especially during job interviews. Nevertheless, suit pieces in themselves are still great to bring the professional touch to your look. Invest in a great knee length or midi dress like these beautiful Zimmermann dresses and pair it up with your suit jacket. Make sure the dress is not too tight and choose a colour that reflects the job you are applying for – go for a more subdued colour if the job is more corporate and choose a bold bright colour if it is more of a creative job and prove you can be both professional and elegant.

Rock the midi skirt
Midi skirts are life savers! This skirt is incredibly stylish, it is elegant and it is appropriate for the workplace. Choose a skirt that hits the right curves on your body and determine whether it is better to wear it right on the knees or at a lower midi length. Also, rather than pairing it up with a plain shirt, invest in a beautiful silk blouse with a subtle pattern. If it is cold, rock a statement coat with this outfit and look bold and utterly sophisticated.

Mix and match the power suit
Matching full suits can be boring but that doesn’t mean you cannot wear the power suit by mixing and matching tops and bottoms. Go for a grey pant and wear a cream blouse and a cream blazer for minimalist perfection. You can wear a bright coloured pant with a black blouse or you can mix and match soft colours like blush, nude and cream for a look that is still very professional but so stylish you will make a statement just by entering the room.

Besides these three outfit ideas, you should make sure you wear shoes that you know how to walk confidently in. Moreover, don’t be afraid to accessorize – thin ring bands and earring studs are subtle touches that will only help you shine even more.

A fashion aficionado, Regina empowers women through her writing and fashion tips. If she's not walking her dog, you can catch her surfing the web for what's new at Designer Forum.

Interested in writing a guest post for my blog too? Find out all about it right here.

06 January 2016

Paperchase Haul

On Christmas day I ended up on the Paperchase website to have a little browse at their bargains. It might be a bit sad to do sales shopping on Christmas day itself but when it comes to Paperchase I cannot resist, every year I take a look in store for Christmas bargains, but this year I went all out. I placed a reasonable order online, but since then I've been to two stores and I've ended up with a nice selection ready for next Christmas - though I managed to buy one non-festive thing, a "Let's go" postcard.

Overall I purchased four rolls of wrapping paper, much needed gift tags, a few postcards, a bundle of present toppers, some twine, stickers and even some fairy light! Safe to say I'm ready for next Christmas.

I definitely suggest that you shop the Paperchase sale yourself here, there's a lot more than just Christmas goodies too.
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